Ishra unde se fac bani, Galilee Bedouin Camplodge, Tabash – Prețuri actualizate

The room is perfect and beautiful and comfortable.

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  • Procedând astfel, ei se bazează pe ordinele care au fost date trupelor și care au fost păstrate în arhivele militare.

The breakfast was made of organic homemade cheese and labaneh from the goat's living there. The owner is so helpful and kind. Dont think twice take the train and enjoy the ride and go to the beautiful water spring in the village it's also beautiful.

ishra unde se fac bani

Ashira Danemarca Unique and beautiful living space created from an old British-mandate era train car. Set in the hills of the North in a friendly Bedouin neighborhood.

ishra unde se fac bani

Loved meeting the newborn goat and Izzy's great dog. Delicious breakfast Gary Statele Unite ale Americii We stayed in a restored old English rail carriage and it was perfect.

Ye Hai Mohabbatein - IshRa in a Cave

The carriage has been beautifully restored and is really gorgeous. The carriage has all of the things you would need The bed was really comfortable.


The location of the property is up on a high hill in a rural setting. It is ishra unde se fac bani a small farm and the owners have chickens, goats, lots of lovely fruit trees.

ishra unde se fac bani

The area is quiet and relaxing. Our hosts were amazing and they made us feel really welcomed and comfortable. The breakfast was made from the produce of their farm.

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It was simple but delicious The shared showers had plenty of hot water and were very adequate for our needs. We really loved our stay at this place and if you are looking for somewhere off the beaten track in the area of Nazareth then we would really recommend you stay here in the old train carriage.

ishra unde se fac bani

Lex Australia The train wagon is really interesting and comfortable place to stay. It was vary warm inside even in January. The breakfast was good and it was lovely to have it outside in the yard near the trees. Highly recommend for those travelling by car.

ishra unde se fac bani