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    A contestant unconcerned about risk is indifferent between these choices.

    If too many contestants are risk averse, the game show may encourage selection of the riskier choice gambling on one of the doors by offering a positive risk premium.

    Finance[ edit ] Risk premiums are commonly used in finance. This is because investors generally will not willingly take on risk unless they expect some compensation for doing so.

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    This makes risk premiums quite an important topic in finance, since they are crucial to being able to provide a value for financial assets.

    This excess expected return is known as the risk premium.

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    Equity: In the stock market the risk premium is the expected return of a company stock, a group of prima de risc pentru opțiuni stocks, or a portfolio of all stock market company stocks, minus the risk-free rate. The risk premium for equities is also called the equity premium. This risk premium is an unobservable quantity since it is not known what the expected rate of return on equities is for the average market participant even though each individual participant knows their own expectation.

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    Nonetheless, most people believe that there is a risk premium built into equities, and this is what encourages investors to place at least some of their money in equities. Debt: In the context of bondsthe term "risk premium" is often used to refer to the credit spread the difference between the bond interest rate and the risk-free rate.

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    This required rate of return can then be used to estimate a price for the stock which can be done via a number of methods. The beta of a security is the measure of a stocks relative volatility in prima de risc pentru opțiuni to the market, that is it is a measure of how closely the share price of an equity move when compared to the market. If the Beta of a stock is 1.

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    This beta is generally found via statistical analysis of the share price history of a stock. Therefore CAPM aims to provide a simple model in order to estimate the required return of an investment which uses the theory of risk premiums.

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    This helps to provide investors with a simple means of determining what return an investment should be giving relative to its risk.